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Government of Nepal

 National Planning Commission Secretariat

 Ministry of Health

 Ministry of Education and Sports

 Ministry of Population

 Ministry of Science and Technology

 Ministry of Agriculture and Corporation

 Ministry of Finance

 Nepal Rastra Bank

 National Geographic Information Infrastructure Programme

Statistical Organization in other Countries

South Asia Association for Regional Co-operation(SAARC)

Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, India

 Office of the Registrar General, India

 Bureau of Statistics, Bangladesh

 Ministry of Planning and National Development, Maldives

 Department of Census and Statistics, Sri Lanka

Department of Planning, Ministry of Finance, Royal Government of Bhutan

Statistics Division, Government of Pakistan

Asia , Australia and the Pacific

 National Statistics Office, Philippines

 Hong Kong Census and Statistics

 Central Bureau of Statistics, Indonesia

 Management and Coordination Agency , Japan

 National Statistical Office, Republic of Korea

 Statistics Singapore

 Department of Statistics, Malaysia

 National Statistics of Taiwan, Republic of China

 Australian Bureau of Statistics

 Statistics New Zealand

 State Registry and Analysis of the Republic of Armenia

 State Statistical Committee, Azerbaijan

 National Institute of Statistics, Cambodia

 National Bureau of Statistics, China

 Bureau of Statistics, Fiji

 Institut Territorial de la Statistique, French Polynesia

 Department of Commerce, Guam

 Statistical Centre of Iran

 National Statistical Agency, Kazakhstan

 National Statistical Committee, Kyrgyzstan

 Direccao de Services de Estatistica e Censos, Macao, China

 Office of Planning and Statistics, Marshall Islands

 Office of Planning and Statistics, Federated States of Micronesia

 Institut Territorial de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques, New Caledonia

 National Statistical Office, Papua New Guinea

 National Statistical Office, Thailand

 State Department of Statistics, Uzbekistan


 The Statistical Office of the European Communities (EUROSTAT)

 National Statistical Institute of the Republic of Bulgaria

 Czech Statistical Office

 Statistics Denmark

 Statistics Finland

 Federal Statistical Office, Germany

 National Institute of Statistics of Italy

 Luxembourg Central Statistical Service (STATEC)

 Statistics Netherlands

 Statistics Norway (SSB)

 Central Statistical Office of Poland

 Instituto Nacional de Estatística, Portugal

 Goskomstat news, Russia

 General Register Office for Scotland

 Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

 Instituto Nacional de Estadística, España

 Basque Statistical Office (EUSTAT)

 Statistics Sweden

 State Institute of Statistics, Turkey

 Middle East

 Statistical Centre of Iran (SCI)

 The Americas

 US Bureau of the Census

 Statistics Canada

 Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Geografía e Informática (INEGI), Mexico

 Instituto Nacional De Estadística y Censos, Argentina